Iguana Tropic Thunder Red Jalapeno and Habanero Tropical Pepper Sauce

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Fresh red jalapeño peppers & red habanero peppers, mango, passion fruit, onion, lime juice, garlic, cumin, paprika, oregano, turmeric, black pepper, capsaicin extract & natural smoke flavor. While this is quite flavorful, it is hot. The uninitiated should proceed with caution.Ingredients: Ripe red jalapeno peppers, water, red habanero peppers, cane vinegar, mango, passion fruit, onion powder, lime juice, garlic, tomato paste, cane sugar, cumin, paprika, xanthan gum, oregano, turmeric, black pepper, capsaicin extract, salt, ascorbic acid & natural smoke flavor. From Costa Rica. 5 oz.