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NOVEMBER 27th, 2014

Greetings from St. John and Happy Thanksgiving. Last month St. John Spice celebrated fifteen years in business and nineteen years living on St. John. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since we purchased a sunken sailboat and put down roots in paradise.

There have obviously been lots of changes on St. John since our arrival, some good and some bad. To some extent we believe it is true that every one of us changed St. John in some way as soon as we set foot here, largely due to our needs for more goods, services and accommodations. The latest proposed change, however, is something so potentially destructive that we feel it would eclipse all the prior changes to the St. John landscape because it would impact both the land and the water of one of our most beautiful bays in many negative ways. For this reason we have joined the grassroots movement to spread awareness about the project and to join forces with those who love St. John to try to stop it.

The proposed project is a marina in Coral Bay, but not a sensible and somewhat overdue marina offering some basic services to boaters. The project is a mega-marina in the most weather-impacted area of the harbor with the following specifications:

-          145 slips

-          Mega yachts up to 210’ in length

-          Main pier extending 965’ – almost 2/3 of the distance across the harbor

-          1.7 acres of fixed marina structures

-          5.7 acres of boats

-          28 acres of marina site limits


-          Designed for ten thousand feet of boat, a 400% increase over what is in the harbor today.

This is an immense marina by any standard and an absurd size for Coral Bay Harbor. If completed, this project will destroy the lush habitat of many endangered species of sea life and replace the harbor’s natural beauty with a massive, over-built potential environmental disaster. To read more about this project and to find out what you can do to help, visit the website and learn about the grassroots campaign.


The number of restaurants that have closed and re-opened with new owners and a new name is very long. Here is a summary of some of the changes. A link to a more complete list of restaurants with phone numbers and web sites (if available) can be found on our main page

La Plancha del Mar in Mongoose Junction is now Virgin Fire Bar and Grill.

Zo Zo’s has moved to Caneel Bay. The old Zo Zo’s space at Gallows Point is now Ocean362.

JJ’s has closed and has been renovated as Cruz Bay Landing.

Joes Diner (downstairs from Café Roma) has closed and is being renovated as Longboards.

The Donkey Diner in Coral Bay has closed and is being renovated as the Indigo Grill.

The store formerly known as Captain’s Corner/Sparky’s in Franklin Powell Park has been transformed into Yogurt In Love.

Deli Grotto in Mongoose Junction has closed and is now open as the North Shore Deli.

The pizzeria in Wharfside Village is now the greatly expanded Joe’s Rum Hut Bar and Restaurant.

Spyglass restaurant on the second level in Wharfside Village has closed and is being extensively renovated as Vista Mare.

Waterfront Bistro was renovated over the summer months.

If you are looking for bakery specialties, check out the Queen of Tarts bakery, located next to The Fish Trap in the Raintree Court complex.

For delicious gourmet ice cream, try Scoops in Mongoose Junction.

For an intimate and fun bar that has clever party themes, visit Motu Bar on the beach road in Cruz Bay next to our favorite watersports store Low Key Watersports.


The new fancy ferries are finally in operation. They are clean and new, the air conditioning works and they even have televisions in the cabins. Enjoy the ride!


In October of 2014 we closed St. John Kids and consolidated the best of the women’s and children’s merchandise into St. John Spice. This was not an easy decision but was made based on our desire to simplify our lives and to work less, after fifteen years in business. In addition, Ron was recently diagnosed with a very rare disease called Hereditary Angioedema( which is treatable but which still greatly impacts his life. We are happy that we made the decision to downsize and in most respects it has worked out very well for us.

Many of you met and visited with our Cocker Spaniel Curly Spice, who we adopted at age eight in 2011. Sadly, Curly succumbed to kidney disease and we lost him on June 30th. We were in no way prepared for the enormity of this loss. The only cure for us was to adopt another dog, a 1 ½ year-old , which we did. Bella Spice is very shy around new people so you are less likely to see her when you visit us at St. John Spice, but we are hoping that in time she will become more comfortable with her role as our mascot.

In the meantime, we appreciate that so many of you have made us a part of your St. John tradition as the first and last stop on your visits here. Along with our good neighbors FreebirdCreations, Pig & Rooster and the Cruz Bay Watersports Information Booth, we look forward to welcoming you at the Dockside Building.


We also greatly appreciate the support of our on-line customers. To celebrate the holiday season and fifteen years in business, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders  over $75.00 placed on-line via our shopping cart:  from November 27th until December 17th.  The discount will be taken off the total when the order is billed and shipped. In order to receive orders by December 25th, orders should be placed by December 17th to allow time for packing and transit.

Happy holidays and we hope to see you soon on St. John.

-          Ruth, Ron and Bella Spice 

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